Good long day

Had a very productive day. Drove from my house to almost Oklahoma to adopt, for a small fee, 2, well 2 1/2 mini donkeys. Went to just get the 9 month old, but ended up with mamma and baby, and mamma is pregnant. Glad I could keep mom and daughter together. After this little one she will be retired. They will get a lot of love and attention here. They’re both kinda shy, but I’ll shower them with love and bring them around. Well I’m beat and turning in. Thanks for all the support.


  1. kay hall

    Oh that’s amazing to know about, keep us all updated.

    • rockinghsanctuaryfarm

      Yes mam ,Im goin try go as far as I can,I can only do so much on my small budget,but with help and support the sky will be the limit.


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