From warrior to hunting and fishing, to animal advocate and farmed animal sanctuary.

I’m a three-time combat wounded veteran, I grew up on both sides of farming, livestock, and row crop.  We raised cows, pigs, horses, goats, and chickens. I ate cow, pigs, goats, and chickens. The summers I would go stay with my grandpa and run a tractor in the row crop fields, I was brought up and taught to use the land, so I also hunted, fished and trapped as well. Not only all that in my youth but as a young adult I served in the army as a combat engineer counter improvised explosive nco. I participated in the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and was a 50 cal gunner on a tank, use your imagination. I later did another tour of duty on the front lines of Iraq in 2005, and my last combat deployment was in 2010-2011 to Afghanistan where I lost one of my own guys, It took its toll on me, throughout my career I have seen a lot of death more than one would ever like to see. After we got home we kept losing guys left and right, car wrecks, drinking, and drugs. I had a good buddy of mine I served with mom call me one day after my buddies birthday informing me he was no longer with us. He got on drugs because he never truly made it home from the war. He was trying to achieve that same high of battle. In and around all of that me and my wife were hit by a truck while riding our four-wheeler. Neither one of should have live. I had a testicle ripped off, a penile deglovement and split my lower chest open to where they had to put in mesh to keep my intestines from poking out, My wife worse, skull fracture, broken ribs, broken scapula, lost her spleen, and broke all the bones in her left ear, she had to have brain surgery and the put a steel plate in her skull. and she lost use of the left side of her face. I moved back to my hometown where I was going to pick back up farming and live out the rest of my days. But fate intervened, I have to go to the Dr all the time for blood work for the VA and my blood work sucked all of it, but my cholesterol was over 220. So I did research on how to lower all my numbers, In my research, I watched a documentary called What the Health,  Cowspiracy, then Vegucated, then Live and let Live, then Forks over Knives, the Vegan and many more, and I told my wife I want to go Vegan, so we did, I could no longer be a hypocrite and love my animals and still consume them. So now I run a Vegan sanctuary farm in Mississippi, first of its kind. I’ll be working on the legality and article of inc and my 501 C 3. But I need yall’s help in spreading my message.


Thanks, Chad aka the Vegan Veteran


  1. evelynavanti

    Wow, what a story! I love your mission and share what’s in your heart — your passion to help animals. And I applaud you for taking that love to the next level in starting a farm animal sanctuary, particularly in a region where it goes so against the grain! What a wonderful opportunity to raise the consciousness and open the hearts of those around you. Bless you for what you’re doing! I hope it is a great success.

    • Tracey Feeney aka Lynn Baucom

      I totally agree. What a brave man to take this on after what he’s been through. I will support this sanctuary in every way i can. Sometimes just sharing, sometimes donating. Because his dream is my dream. Thank you for being so strong!

    • Karin

      Thank you Chad and to your wife as well. It is a kind and selfless thing you are doing for the animals and yes, in a place where you will run into opposition. Veganism is something that HAS to happen, for a kinder and less violent world and for environmental sustainability. I just wish I had opened my eyes earlier in life. Vegan love to you and your human and nonhuman family : ) You’ve faced a lot of adversity…good health to you going forward.

  2. brandon

    Thank you for doing what you do!

  3. Cheryl

    Thank you so much

      • Cheryl

        Love for all souls only
        I support you 100%
        Share a meal with your neighbors
        Invite them to eat Vegan with you
        Or just eat and engage people
        Have a party and let people meet the animals and have some vegan snacks

  4. Renee King Sonnen

    Never give up – you are a light upon a hill and your light is all that matters to the animals in your care! Keep shining – no matter what – love will prevail – when i went vegan and started Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, my life finally had purpose and meaning – its rough sometimes but the rewards and the inroads we make for the animals and for our planet is what matters in the end – Keep believing and most of all keep shining bright!

    • Rocking H Sanctuary Farm

      I won’t give up, quit, or fail. I am so grateful for the help and support.

  5. Tracey

    Chad, my name is Tracey and I’m a fellow Arkansan, veteran and vegan. Our stories are more alike than I could possibly begin to describe but I’m very interested in your cause! Hope I can follow on FB and help where I can! I know how hard it is to be this way here.

    • Rocking H Sanctuary Farm

      Thanks, Yes I appreciate it, please do follow and spread our story, we need to bring Arkansas into the new age.

  6. Wade

    Outstanding, my friend! Thank you for being there for those souls.We will change the world!

  7. Alison Buckley

    Chad, thank you for your dedication and love for these animals. Would love to chat more about how I can donate to your cause. You are a true hero and I am so sorry about the recent house fire. Stay strong and good thoughts heading your way.